How did I learn programming?

So, you want to know which languages I know and how I learned them?

Here’s the answer:
These are the languages that I learned (in chronological order) and how I learned them:

0. Korean (Oops, not a programming language ????)
Skip, skip.

1. C:
YouTube (TheNewBoston)

2. C++:
YouTube (TheNewBoston),
cplusplus dot com (for STL)

3. Java:
Head First Java,
YouTube (Derek Banas)

4. C++ (revisited):
C++: A Beginner’s Guide,
Professional C++,
The C++ programming language,

5. Python:
Head First Python,
python dot org (Official documentation)

Some realizations:
i. Python is the easiest and fun to learn. The best for prototyping and quickly doing something.
ii. For large scale applications: C++ or Java
iii. Must learn C/C++ at some point.
iv. If I teach programming to my kid someday, I’d start with Scratch or Python (Not C or C++)
v. Learn one OOP language very very well. You can learn other languages in a matter of weeks (if not days)

Honorable mention: CS50, Slidenerd.

This is just how I learned things. This may/may not work for everyone. So, proceed with caution. ????